Watch Out for McCutcheon

I haven’t seen too much locally about the U-S Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case of an Alabama man who says his free speech has been restricted by campaign finance limits.

According to the Christian Science Monitor’s report, here,  Shaun McCutcheon can only contribute $2500 to an individual candidate,  $30,000 to a national political party, $10,000 to a state political party, $5000 to any other political committee – or a total of only a measly $117,000 over a two year election cycle. 

Despite the limits, reports that McCutcheon contributed more than $423,000 in the last election cycle by directing money to various protected groups.

The U-S District Court rejected his complaint,  but the Supremes this week said they’ll listen to it.

The Republican National Committee has joined as a plaintiff in the case that will be heard this fall.

There’s a cloud here.  This is the court that said corporations are citizens; the Citizens-United case that promoted Super-PACs.  Also, the question is now a partisan issue with the Republicans involved.

Frankly,  I’m a little edgy about any one of several of our elected stalwarts who might decide that Alaska’s campaign finance laws are too restrictive and should be changed.

I haven’t heard directly from anyone at the state capitol yet,  but you just know it has to happen.  Someone must be getting eager to introduce a bill raising – or eliminating – the contribution limits.  Please watch for it.


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