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They Need A Little Time to Plot

The National Rifle Association this afternoon said that it isn’t ready to comment on the Newtown shootings.

It sounds like they’re getting ready to defend themselves from a possible backlash … when all I want to hear is the association apologize for what they have done over the years to enable murder.  Continue reading

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Don’t Cross That Line

It is Evil to kill a classroom of kindergarten children.  It is Evil to kill half a dozen adults.

Details are still breaking in Newtown, Connecticut as I write this, and so far no one is making any sense of it.  But the details will come, and there will then be attempts to stop the sort of thing that happened there this morning.

I won’t guess what those attempts will be,  but the part of me that is not numb right now says I will support them,   The people will support whatever Good emerges.

But the old reporter in me also knows that opponents exist.  Evil is strong and will have a goal of preventing change.

The solution will become political.  Many people have shown that the partisan elements will form,  and they will be heard.  Don’t go there. Don’t listen.

To argue against change is to encourage future shootings in a shopping mall in Portland or a movie theater in Colorado.  There is a line now being drawn between Good and Evil.

Don’t support that Evil.

Don’t cross that line.


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Waiting For Optimism to Work

National Public Radio this morning (Monday) had a story on the Orange County Register’s strategy to avoid the problems – okay, failures – of many newspapers in the digital age.  The arrival of new management at the paper was accompanied by a sense of optimism – and a willingness to look at the product from the eyes of a potential reader and advertiser. Continue reading

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