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Help Needed to Protect Victims of Sex Trafficking

A bill passed and signed in 2012 was touted as a milestone in protecting victims of sex trafficking.  But those who work in the sex industry in Alaska say it isn’t having the effect lawmakers expected when they voted for it. The Atlantic magazine brought the law’s failures to national attention in December.

Now, with the goal of giving shelter and alternatives to sex workers who need help or want to get away from the industry, Community United for Safety and Protection  is trying to raise money to send a representative to this year’s session to lobby for better conditions and to try to correct the 2012 law.

With the title “Nothing About Us Without Us”  the community has raised about half the amount needed to send someone – a victim — to help their cause.

With advocates echoing the Alaska idea of having someone who knows what conditions are like – and what needs to be done – a similar attempt is already underway in the Oregon legislature that was reported today here.

The Alaska group has 35 days left in its online fundraising campaign.


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