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Then and Now

Legislative Committees took more time this past week for their “overview” hearings.  As long as members are attending those meetings are more than the time-killers they might appear to be.   It’s encouraging to see people willing to take the time to actually learn in detail about subjects they have never previously studied – or even given a damn about.  They might leave with some base level on which to decide about future laws and budgets.

There are many more overviews this week, although some committees are getting down to their assignments.  Continue reading

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A Debate Doesn’t Always Hurt

Governor Parnell has sent a very clear message that he will not debate Anchorage Senator Bill Wielechowski over his oil tax proposal.  He offered his staff to debate the tax in the committees and hallways of the capitol.

I respectfully remind the governor that Alaskans elected him, not his subordinates.  Alaskans deserve to hear from him, not his subordinates. Continue reading

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One Last Thing for Lindsey

Some things  you can’t top.  This, from Willie Nelson is one.

I am through thinking about the subject … once this message gets delivered.





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Looking at Savings

The state will likely have to withdraw some money from its savings accounts just to pay for everything that was included in last year’s budget.  And it could take a bigger withdrawal to cover next year’s needs. Continue reading

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I’ve Got a Question: What Do You Do When She’s Seeing Someone Else?

This all started with this Tweet:


bob valeu @bobvaleu

We the citizens of North Dakota must say “NO” to tax breaks or increased incentives to oil companies until… Continue reading

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Last Week, This Week

The Alaska legislature got off to a running start this past week that was worthy of comparison to O.J. Simpson.  To me, Simpson was the greatest running back in college or professional football history.  It’s a shame he’s gotten old in prison.  Continue reading

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Gun Controls in Alaska

Three House bills show Alaska is concerned about the national gun control issue.  Those measures show that Alaskans want to keep their weapons ready and warm. Continue reading

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