They Need A Little Time to Plot

The National Rifle Association this afternoon said that it isn’t ready to comment on the Newtown shootings.

It sounds like they’re getting ready to defend themselves from a possible backlash … when all I want to hear is the association apologize for what they have done over the years to enable murder.  That’s not likely to happen,  but it would be refreshing.  Problem is that to apologize would abandon the group’s allies in Congress and state legislatures who are in line with them – not because they believe in their crap, but because they know that if someone openly opposes them,  the NRA has the ability to unleash a firestorm of criticism and money for the other side.

So the NRA will likely still defend its efforts to legalize more and more efficient means we can use to kill each other … and our children in school.  Let’s give guns to people who are certified crazies, too.   We don’t really need those licenses that show we at least have passed gun safety courses, do we?

I’m rather tired of this, and I don’t see anything about to change.

The NRA did put out their usual daily news update today.  The lead story was bragging how the Michigan legislature has now sent a bill to their governor that devises a way for people to carry concealed weapons at schools and churches.

The first people have crossed the line.


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