Did You Really Mean That?

I don’t intend to write anything else on the Cruise Ship Wastewater Law that was put on the Governor’s desk Tuesday afternoon.  It passed, he will sign it, and it’s over.  It’s ripe for plenty of fine oratory and plenty of internet comments that I don’t want to hear or read.

Unless  …

I will pick up on any serious attempt to have it overturned.   There has been talk from a few corners about putting an initiative on the 2014 ballot that would put all the standards and deadlines and other techie things back into law.

Please,  save us from the boredom of an election issue measured in parts-per-million.  There’s an easier way.

A Referendum simply gives voters the chance to reject a legislative act.  All it takes is enough qualified signatures on a petition. That would lead to a ballot question to see whether voters approve what the legislature did. There have been only three referenda in Alaska history – and two of them passed.  It is a much more pointed way of getting the job done – kind of like Twitter versus C-SPAN.  It’s faster,  less confusing,  less expensive, and less open to political subterfuge.

If a referendum arises,  I’ll be indterested.  If it doesn’t I will simply continue to warn my friends down south to stay away from fish that have eaten in Alaska.  And not to eat here themselves.   And I will not read anyone’s letters to the editor.


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