I Pledge Allegiance to … How Does That Thing Go ?

The House will open floor debate Monday on the bill – HB69 —  that declares FBI and ATF agents as criminals who must be arrested if they try to enforce federal gun control laws and regulations.

More than silly, of course, it’s unconstitutional – state and federal.  It also violates every oath of office taken by any elected official in the state, and by every law enforcement officer I ever heard of. 

The only reason I don’t expect to see complaints of Treason filed against anyone who votes for the Nullification of Federal Laws bill is that the federal agents who are involved are probably laughing too hard at the yokels who will vote for it.

Alaskans should, however, keep an eye open at the start of Monday’s House floor session to see who actually does pledge allegiance to the federal flag.  It’s this hypocrisy thing, and lying in public.

Actually, from there, the week goes downhill. Here is a schedule of formal things happening.

At the top of the quality list is Monday at noon with a presentation of The Winter Bear Suicide Prevention Project.  This is based on a play created to help reduce the number of suicides among young Alaska Natives.  Here’s their website.

At the ridiculous end,  Monday afternoon,  the House Judiciary Committee will hear, among others, a bill – HB83 —  that declares state law to have supremacy over federal laws if somebody says they are unconstitutional.  It’s quite a process to get there – the Attorney General has to write a memo or something.

Also, Monday afternoon,  the House Finance Committee will hear the Stand Your Ground bill – HB24 – that lets you kill someone who’s in your place.  Did I mention before that in the states where this sort of law has passed, several universities presented independent research showing that death by firearms has shown very large increases.

Oil Taxation, with consultants and committees and lots of talk is still going on.  This is getting down to where it’s interesting,  but still a long way from the Finance Committees where things start to look full-term.  However, it is worth catching up on some of the details.

House Resources will hear the administration’s bill Monday afternoon.   Senate Resources will hear its new bill Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  The Finance Committee has scheduled it, but only if Resources gives it up.

The House Energy Committee on Wednesday morning, will hear Meera Kohler, the CEO of Alaska Village Electric Cooperative.  Kohler is one of those people from whom every legislator really could learn.  It would be great to see a large crowd hear whatever she says.

The House and Senate Resource toadies will hear from the Mining Industry at noon on Wednesday. I really don’t want to hear anything else from this arena until we start talking about a logical, realistic, meaningful tax regime to replace the current, giveaway mining tax.

Not much else worth spending a lot of time on for the following couple of days.  It’s worth pointing out that the House Finance Subcommittees are beginning to close out their departmental budgets this week.  I have not heard a commitment, but the ideal is to get the operating budget to the floor and to the Senate within the next two weeks or so.

I wish them luck.  It’s downhill from there.


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