Vote … Now!

A lot of us – I put myself at the top of the list – are ready for this election season to end, go away, disappear, die, fade, collapse … no, it already did that.   I hope to take the step tonight that will remove me from the list of possible voters.  The Absentee Early and In-person balloting begins today.

Being one hundred percent certain that there is nothing that could possibly change my mind about how I would vote on any of the things or people who will be on the ballot, there is simply no reason to keep this acid pouring through my head while candidates make noises.  Voting today makes more sense than watching another televised debate.

Alaska has no special requirements to meet if you want to vote early or to vote by absentee ballot. If you have registered to vote,  you just show up.   Here’s a list of places all over the state where you can do this:

There are two other alternatives if you really are somewhere else. The Division of Elections will mail you an absentee ballot through this coming Friday, October 27.  You just have to postmark it by the end of election day. Here’s where you can apply for that:

Or you can vote electronically.   This website will get you ready for that:
Lieutenant Governor Treadwell put out this notice today on how that will work.  It could save traveling to the polling places.

One other quick note if you decide to vote early.    Please work your way down to the bottom of the ballot.  At the top are all the presidential races, as well as Congress and the State House and Senate.  But there are two questions and a handful of judges down there somewhere.   You need to deal with those, too.   My next piece will look at some of the stuff going on down at the end.  It’s not pretty.

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