Those Ballot Questions

Two issues on the ballot need your attention.

The first, if passed, would call a new Constitutional Convention.  That means an elected bunch of people will have the power to start with a blank piece of paper and write a new way for the state to be governed.  Everything is on the table as long as voters approve it after they’re done.   This is was what happened before statehood, and since it’s worked pretty well for fifty years now, it’s a system with a good record.

Supporters say the biggest change that needs addressing is the influence of special, outside interests in our elections. They do not discuss how to avoid those influences being part of the convention and the constitution itself.  That’s a voter’s call, though. It’s getting a little discussion, but not much.

The other question would allow the state to borrow up to $453-million dollars for transportation and harbor projects.    It’s one of those Christmas presents with something for all regions of the state.  The biggest chunk, nearly half, goes to Anchorage and the Matsu starting with $50-million for the Port of Anchorage and $43-million for Point Mackenzie and some roads around it. They get another $121-million for various road projects.

The best bet is to look at the voter’s booklet you got in the mail – or online here.

The projects start about page 59.  You can see what your vote will get your community and decide if you want it or not.

The other bottom of the ballot votes are for judges.  More on that later.  They are important.

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