Alaska House on the Alaska Economy

09AlaskaHouse    9/9/9   donaldson

The East Coast will get a new look at Alaska’s Economy and future in Energy markets later this month when the Alaska House,  a New York City non-profit, holds one of its monthly presentations on state issues.   The year-old Alaska House has hosted previous events on the state’s tourism, arts, and fishing industry.  Executive Director Tracey Foster says the upcoming presentation will likely be attended by the New York City Media as well as business leaders interested in energy and economics.

#09AlaskaHouse1             :23           We’ve invited a panel of experts or leaders from different sectors to talk a little about what’s next for Alaska.  We’ve  had a changed in administration that’s happened and obviously we’re still dealing with a recession. There is an appetite here in New York for some new news, and that’s what this panel is designed to do.

Leading the discussion will be David Rubenstein,  co-founder and managing director of the Carlyle Group – one of the largest investment firms in the world.   Also taking part will be University of Alaska-Anchorage chancellor Fran Ulmer, state Senate President Gary Stevens,  and Margie Brown,  C-E-O or Cook Inlet Regional.

Foster says part of the panel’s focus will be on Alaska’s role as an energy provider for the nation,  but it will also take time to look at alternative and renewable energy development.

#09AlaskaHouse2             :17           I think that there is a lot of potential for Alaska to lead on that front.  And I do think the rest of the country is looking to see if that will happen.  So, I certainly hope the panelists will touch on that.  I know that the q and a and the audience will be interested in hearing about that.

The panel discussion will take place September 24th at 2:30 Alaska time – and they are working on having an audio or videoconference feed will be available live here.  For more details, go to the website


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