Berkowitz Announces for Governor

08berko    9/08/09       donaldson

Add another name to the choices for governor in the 2010 election.

#08berko1                           :04           I have filed my letter of intent with APOC and I’m running for governor

That’s Ethan Berkowitz,  the former leader of the Democrats in the state House of Representatives and last year’s nominee for Congress.  He  says he’s joined the campaign because he believes Alaska needs leaders who will make changes in the state.

# 08berko2                          :14           Voters are in a time of uncertainty.   We have the resources to solves the problems,  to make certainty.  And they’re going to make decisions based on someone they can identify with and someone they think shares their values

He says his campaign will show that he has the ability to bring Alaskans together – in a non-partisan way — to develop solutions to the state’s problems.  He says he believes people will choose their next governor based on a shared vision of the future.

.#08berko3                          :20           This is part of what hasn’t happened.  The state hasn’t been part of people’s solutions.  It’s gotten in the way.  And the state hasn’t solved problems like the high cost of energy and it hasn’t solved problems like deteriorating infrastructure.  And the state has a role to play in making sure those problems get solved.  There’s been a leadership vacuum for too long.

Berkowitz says he has already been traveling across the state.  His next trip is to Kotzebue and the Northwest Arctic.

He already has three opponents in the Democratic Primary election:   Former Commissioner of Administration Bob Poe,  state senator Hollis French and Homer’s Rob Rosenfeld, a director of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council.

The election is August 24th.


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