Halcro Announces for Congress

09halcro   9/9/9    donaldson

Anchorage businessman and columnist Andrew Halcro is making an announcement now (this morning at 7a.m.) that he will run against Congressman Don Young in next year’s Republican Primary election.

Halcro was in the state House of Representatives between 1999 and 2003 and run as an independent candidate for governor against Sarah Palin and Democrat Tony Knowles in 2006.

He says his campaign is based on one issue – Don Young’s lack of seniority in the U-S House after thirty six years in office.  He says Alaska has an eighteen-term Freshman in the House right now.

# 09halcro1                         :27           This really is about seniority.  And it’s ironic because this is the argument that certainly our Congressional Delegation has used for the last few decades – that seniority matters.  As a matter of fact that was one of Congressman Young’s key campaign pitches last year when he ran against former minority leader Ethan Berkowitz was that Seniority matters.  And I absolutely agree that seniority matters.  But after that election,  he was stripped of  his seniority and again seniority does matter.

He says he agrees with Young on such things as state sovereignty and second amendment rights,  and he believes in what Young has done during his time in office.  However, he wants to see much more control of federal spending, and he sees other issues – such as health care and climate change – as questions to be answered by a Republican for the next generation.

#09halcro2                          :28           I think Don Young has done some good work for the state in the last thirty six years.  But it is truly time given the fact that the country is in the position its in now – and the fact that Alaska has no more seniority and has one representative to the United State House of Representatives it’s critical that we turn over this election cycle so we can gain seniority just like Don Young did when he was elected in 1973.

Halcro says he plans to build on his statewide business career,  his legislative experience, his independent run for governor and his work blogging and in talk radio to get his view of Alaska across to people.

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