Something to Think About During a Committee Meeting

I used to enjoy tracking where the votes and money were represented when committees met on high-profile bills. It was fun to see how much money committee members got in contributions from industries showing interest in the subjects up for discussion.

I noticed a variation of that with the Marijuana bill (SB30) that was up Monday and will be back tomorrow (Wednesday) in a meeting of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

Money would be hard to track here, but it’s interesting to see how the votes fell for the committee members. If people are truly listening to the voters, they will closely follow the structure of the initiative that passed in November.

Of the committee members, five of the seven House members were elected from districts where the proposition passed. Four of the five Senators are in the same position. To do anything negative on such a volatile and tight subject would risk the member’s future in the lawmaking business.

Here are the votes for Prop 2:

House      For    Against      Senate            For    Against

LeDoux      2225   1860            McGuire              7508    7397

Keller         3866   3737            Coghill                 8252     6406

Millett       3621     3626           Costello              8191       7686

Lynn         3661      4479            Micciche            7387       8339

Foster       3293      2490           Wielechowski    5769       4890

Gruenberg 3544   3030                                        37107   34618

Claman     4391   3699

24607 22921

This is no more than something to make watching a committee a little more interesting. Seeing people who are following the will of their voters by voting against their own preferences is good democracy. Of course, this presumes that no one would ever try to water down the proposition that voters passed.


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