AK House Displays Its Churchy Side With Xenophobic Resolution

Am I the only person to have trouble with this? The Alaska House today passed a resolution with the short title “Protection of Christian Syrians.”  Anchorage’s Andy Josephson voiced a little caution about the measure, saying it reminded him of where America’s mind was in 2003. However, he voted for it.

HJR 32 brings up a list of evil things that the Syrian regime has done to its Christian citizens – the massacre of Christians in Jihad attacks, burning Christian churches, kidnapping Orthodox Bishops and a Nun.  Agreed, that those were horrible things for a government to have done to its people. But if you look beyond what you see in conservative U.S. publications and churches you will also see a government that uses interfaith chemical weapons against people regardless of their beliefs.  It destroys huge parts of very large cities where there were lots of Korans and mosques.  Syria has a secular, conservative government fighting to hold on to its political and economic power.  It is not trying to spread religion. Only American conservatives see it as a religious government.

We who sometimes watch American politics also see this subject could become a possible rock the Republicans would throw at Democrats in this fall’s elections.  It would unabashedly be shouted as “Obama didn’t intervene.”

I hope the House soon becomes embarrassed by its willing extension of loopy thinking.  There’s no excuse for it.




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