I’ve Got a Question: More Guns, Fewer Laws?

Senator Mark Begich went out of his way yesterday to tell the world that he won’t support a reborn ban on assault weapons.  Good story on it here.

But he left a lot of stuff on the table while promoting a mental health program that hasn’t been explained yet.

The Senator knows that the White House will get a list of suggestions from the Vice President’s task force next week.

So my question is:  What’s the hurry?   Is there a reason to close your mind to anything at this point?   It’s not like he doesn’t already get the public’s attention for doing the usual stuff that a Democratic Senator ought to do.  And it’s not like he can’t come out against it once the entire plan is ready to look at.

He’s acting like someone who expects an opponent in next year’s primary election — someone who will oppose attempts to enable murder of school children.   That just elevated an otherwise boring campaign — and might get some new donations into the race.


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