Murkowski Pushes Seniority

By Dave Donaldson

Senator Lisa Murskowski predicts that Republicans are not likely to take over the U-S Senate as a result of next month’s mid-term elections.  She was speaking to the Juneau Chamber of Commerce today.

However, she said the state still needs to consider her seniority when voting in next month’s General Election.  She expects to still be the ranking member of the Senate Energy Committee and says she will move up at least places on the powerful Appropriations Committee – if Republicans do get majority status, she will likely chair the Interior Subcommittee.   In her words:  “This is really big fat stuff. This is important.”

So to have that double-whammy – Don Young knows how this works – when you are on the authorizing side and the appropriating side, you have an opportunity to really get somebody’s attention.  So when we’re trying to make a point when we’re trying to access our public lands, when they’re messing with us with some of the regulations that come forward, and we’ve got an opportunity to hold that budget, there is some leverage there that comes into play.  I am offering Alaskans a choice on this November Second Ballot.

Murkowski also reminded the audience that she voted against the federal Health Care legislation that passed and has voted to repeal it.  However, she warned that her vote was not the final word on the subject – saying problems with Health Care in the United States is not fixed – and she’s on the Health Committee that can have a say in what improvements are finally made.

Running as a write-in candidate, she faces two newcomers to politics at the national level – Democrat Scott McAdams and Republican Joe Miller.


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