Subsistence Review Is Ready

By Dave Donaldson

The U-S Department of the Interior is ready to make public its recent review of federal management of subsistence in Alaska.

In an advance summary,  the department says it will not re-define subsistence to include urban natives – instead leaving it only to rural residents — native and non-native alike.   It also will not ask that federal management be expanded onto land owned by native corporations.

The first of fifteen recommendations that are included in the report calls for adding two subsistence users from rural areas to the Federal Subsistence Board.  This is in response to public concerns that the board is not knowledgeable and responsive to rural needs.

The report also recommends that the board give deference to the Regional Advisory Councils’ recommendations for actions on local issues,  to review decisions by other governmental agencies that might affect subsistence use,  and to allow the Board to take part in the hiring of the Director of Subsistence Management for the department.

The full report is expected to be made public by the end of the week and will be published on the Interior Department’s website.


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