Mike Doogan

By Dave Donaldson

Anchorage Democrat Mike Doogan has begun treatment to remove a brain tumor.  Surgery is scheduled for Thursday.    Announcement of the condition came from House Democrats this morning that explained the meningioma tumor is usually non-cancerous and was discovered during an examination earlier this month.

Beth Kerttula is the House Minority Leader.    She says Doogan has planned on needing about a month of convalescence after the surgery.

As far as brain tumors go, this one looks treatable, not malignant.  And the doctor that Mike’s seeing in Washington is just the real expert on this.  I’ve read a lot about him and he told Mike that he could do this.  So, we’re just expecting Mike to get through it and be back as strong as ever.

Kerttula says she is thankful that the tumor was discovered and can be treated in the early stages.


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