Sitka Mayor Challenges Murkowski

By Dave Donaldson

Sitka’s mayor has filed to challenge Lisa Murkowski in her re-election campaign this year.  Scott McAdams says he’s joining the race  to take a local perspective to the nation’s capitol – and having someone connected to local communities would better serve the interests of Alaskans

What I represent is a new vision.  I think at the local level,  we understand how to get things done in a little bit different way.  Oftentimes we’ll set a vision, we’ll structure it through policy and budget,  we have to provide a balanced budget to our citizens, we often advocate for our vision and we hold ourselves accountable to it.  It’s a different model than D-C partisan politics.

McAdams recognizes himself as the underdog candidate,  saying Murkowski is better known throughout the state,  is well-known,  intelligent and is very articulate.  However,  he believes his message of returning the seat to the people will get a better reception from voters than what he sees as national party leadership – or the views of one person.

There’s a lot of work to do to change opinions, to change hearts and minds – and particularly as it relates to the development of our resources.   I don’t know that the status quo, that the method and style that’s been taken over the last eight years is actually going to ever render the opening of ANWR.   I don’t know that people who are convinced otherwise are ever going to change their minds unless we take a new tactic.

McAdams has been elected to local positions for eight years.  This is his first appearance in a statewide race.   He will initially face Frank Vondersaar and Jacob Kern in the Democratic Primary in August.


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