Pipeline Still Closed While Alyeska Deals With Spill

By Lori Townsend

The Trans Alaska Pipeline system is still shut down as Alyeska pipeline company continues its assessment of the spill. 

Company spokeswoman Michelle Egan says they’ve prorated the flow of crude coming into the system.

What that means is we’ve scaled back on what we’re taking in.  and we have enough storage in Pump Station One in Prudhoe Bay to buy us time until the middle of the day tomorrow.  That’s not to say we won’t get done sooner or it won’t be later,  but that gives you a sense of where we are in terms of our process.

Egan says it’s not yet know how much oil has been spilled into the containment area.

Our focus has been on the safety of the site, and then on assessing how we’ll go through the restart process and the clean up process.

She says the volume of oil will be released as soon as they can safely allow crews to assess it.


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