Asking Voters for More Legislators

By Dave Donaldson

The House approved asking voters this fall to send more lawmakers to Juneau next year.  They approved a Constitutional Amendment Ballot Question that would create spaces for four more House members and two more Senators. 

The measure arose from lawmakers from small communities and rural areas who expect this year’s census and the redrawing of legislative districts will likely center more political power in urban and suburban areas.

Anchorage Republican Craig Johnson argued against it – but not on political grounds.  He doesn’t want to see “government” grow.

I just think now’s not the time for us to go back to the people and say, ”Let’s get bigger.”

Kotzebue Democrat Reggie Joule said there’s no price tag on “less voice.”

I don’t know what value you can place on the faces and the people or the positions people hold.

The measure passed both the House and Senate and does not need the governor’s signature to put the constitutional amendment question to voters.


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