The Senate Likes School Lunches, too

By Dave Donaldson

The Senate likes school lunches.  Now sponsors of a bill that would provide state support to school lunch and breakfast programs have to serve it to the House in the next four days. 

Anchorage Democrat Bill Wielochowski said Alaska is one of only twelve states that don’t provide any support for school meals, leaving the job to the local school districts and the federal government

And for many children, these are the only nutritious meals that they receive on a regular basis. And there have been numerous studies that document that eliminating hunger in school increases school performance, increases school attendance, decreases school violence and combats obesity.  And I would urge the body’s support.

Under the bill, the state would pay fifteen cents per lunch, and thrity-five cents per breakfast.

The measure passed on a seventeen to three vote.   No opponents addressed the bill.


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