Campaign Financing Disclosure Bill Begins to Move Again

ByDave Donaldson

A bill requiring corporations and unions to disclose their contributions to political advertising campaigns has gotten new strength in the legislature and is getting closer to final votes in the House and Senate.  

The Senate Judiciary measure had run into a few obstacles in the House over the details of how the disclosures would be made to the public.   Chairman Hollis French (D-Anch) says those differences have been resolved and the bill is on its way again.

I’m generally happy with the bill that’s moving forward.  This is a process of compromise and making all the players feel like they’re getting something out of the process.   But fundamentally, at the end of the day, we will have a bill that requires disclosure of contributions and disclaimers in ads letting Alaskans know who is speaking to them in this new world of election finance.

The delay had been over an attempt to remove a provision that would require ad sponsors to include an audio disclaimer identifying themselves on television advertisements.   The bill left the House Judiciary Committee with the requirement still in the bill.

The bill still must be heard by the House Finance Committee – and, if it passes the full House,  the Senate must approve minor changes the  House made.


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