Gasline Given to Fauske — AHFC Head

By Dave Donaldson

House Speaker Mike Chenault  has made some changes to his bill that would accelerate an in-state gas line project – putting it in front of the House Finance Committee Monday afternoon.  

The original plan put the Development Team under the direction of Alaska Railroad President and C-E-O Pat Gamble.  But Gamble is no longer available – and Chenault’s Chief of Staff Tom Wright says the job can be very well done by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation director Dan Fauske.

We believe that Mr. Fauske has a lot of expertise in the financing projects such as this – and other projects.  And also with the naming of General Gamble from the Railroad to be the head of the University we lost a strong leader.  And putting Mr. Fauske in here we think we also have a strong personality and leader to lead the joing in-state development gasline team.

The other significant change made by Chenault would back off on the Team’s required results.  Wright said there was some “consternation” about having a Construction Ready plan by July of next year.   Finance Co-chair Mike Hawker that was a much more reasonable – and more flexible – goal for an ongoing project.

The only mandate, as I read this, is that the development team,  it’s mission is to develop a “project plan”  to the legislature a year from now.  That’s the mandate.  It means a lot to me when I don’t see adjectives there. It doesn’t say a “final project plan.”   It doesn’t say “preliminary.”  It says a “project plan.”

The administration has not yet completed the cost estimates for the Team’s work, and the bill will be available for further hearings without notice at future hearings.


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