House Passes A State Energy Policy

By Dave Donaldson

The House today  passed a bill setting up a statewide energy policy. 

Written by the Energy Committee after lengthy statewide hearings around the state last summer and fall,  the bill sets goals for the state to meet in dealing with a hoped-for change from petroleum to renewable and alternative energy supplies – and to conserve energy at all levels.

Among the policy goals is to reduce energy consumption by fifteen percent per person by 2020.  It also is looking for half the state’s electricity to come from renewable energy generation by 2025 … and to continue to produce fossil fuels for the rest of the country while  providing natural gas for Alaskans.

Committee Co-chair Charisse Millett said the policy goals are broad and big – but they are attainable.

We have more than 120 bills – energy-related bills – in this body and in committee right now.  I think that we need to make sure that the overarching policy meets the criteria in those pieces of legislation as we go through and talk about how we want our state to be as far as energy resources go.

The measure passed with no votes against it and will next be heard in the Senate.


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