Ralph Samuels in the Race for Governor

Former Anchorage Representative Ralph Samuels today (Tuesday) joined the 2010 race for the governor’s office.  Samuels says he wants to focus on the state’s economic future. 

I’m ready to make some difficult decisions I think are coming up. And I’m ready to do it.  We’ve got to stop taking it in two or three year increments cause you get enough cash and you’re good for a couple of years,  the oil keeps going up, the oil production keeps going down.  And instead we need to step back and we need a ten year picture.  The normal body politic usually does not think that way.  And it will be sole goal almost to start thinking long term so we’ve all got a future together and we have an economy we can grow on.

Samuels served six years in the legislature – stepping down as majority leader of the House of Representatives after the 2008 session. He currently works as a Vice President of Holland-America cruise lines.

He joins Governor Parnell, former House Speaker John Harris and former Valdez Mayor Bill Walker in the Republican Primary next August.  Walker says Samuels’ entry into the campaign is no surprise and will make no changes in his approach to the election.

He’s been a long critic of AGIA, as have I. So we certainly  are aligned there. It’s more a matter of what’s to be done. And the process, a step to cause there to be a line.  I’ve always believed we should do it ourself and be done with it;  stop waiting for other people to take care of our future.   And other companies to decide when it’s in their best interest.

The Republican Primary will be held August 24th.


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