Bill Walker Announces Bid for Governor’s Office

9/28/09 Anchorage attorney Bill Walker today (Monday) added his name of those running for the Republican nomination for governor in next year’s primary election. Walker is a former Mayor of Valdez where he is now city attorney . He has also become the spokesman for those supporting an All-Alaska gas line from the North Slope to Valdez where it would be liquefied and shipped to off-shore markets. Walker says while there are many Alaska issues that concern him, his focus is on energy.

The overriding issue for me is the cost of energy in our state. And the gas line is a piece of that. And I am frustrated as I watch other countries, other host governments, develop their projects and announce their projects and we do not.

He says he favors a state-owned gas line from the North Slope completely within Alaska – built and operated by the private sector. He said with strong U-S gas supplies now, the state should be looking to world markets as well as to the lower forty eight for customers. He is supported by former-governor Wally Hickel – who shares his views on an in-state gas project. Walker is well-known for his advocacy of an All-Alaska gas line. However, he says he’s getting ready to show the public that he is interested in other issues – and that he’s concerned about Alaska’s future generations that need a replacement for the wealth that has come from oil production and from the TransAlaska Pipeline system.

The TAPS has been good to us. Alaska has done well by TAPS and we owe it to the next generation that our resources get to Alaskans and we need to provide the economy that we have grown accustomed to.

Walker has a website outlining his position on the gas line – as well other issues he is concerned about. That is at So far, his only opponent in the Republican primary is Representative John Harris, former speaker of the state House of Representatives. Harris was also a Mayor of Valdez. Governor Sean Parnell has indicated that he plans to run, but has not yet taken the formal steps to be on the ballot.


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