Rural SubCabinet on the Road

11ruraltrip   9/11/09 donaldson

The Rural Action Sub-cabinet will hold the first of a series of hearings in Western Alaska next week.   Attorney General Daniel Sullivan,  Commerce Commissioner Emil Notti, and Transportation Commissioner  Leo Von Scheben (SHAY-binn)  will be available to meet with the public in Unalakleet Monday afternoon.   Sullivan will continue to Kotzebue for a public meeting on Wednesday.   Bill McAllister is Sullivan’s spokesman.

#11ruraltrip1                       :22           Basically, it’s to listen.  To find out what rural residents have to say about the challenges they face and to hear what solutions they might propose.  This is the first of what will be a couple or a few trips to rural Alaska in preparation of some recommendations for the governor’s consideration hopefully by December.

McAllister says the administration is serious about addressing the problems they know exist in rural Alaska and they want input from those who live there.  He says this and future trips are part of the fact-gathering the subcabinet is doing, along with accepting suggestions from the public at the e-mail address established at  attorney-dot-general-at-alaska-dot-gov.

The Unalakleet meeting with the public will be from two to four Monday afternoon in the Community Hall.  The Kotzebue public meeting will be held from ten to noon at the Northwest Arctic Borough Assembly Chambers.


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