McAllister Cleared of Ethics Charge

04mcallister      9/04/09       donaldson

Former-Governor Sarah Palin’s Communications Director Bill McAllister has been cleared of charges that he used his office and position to help Palin’s political activities.

An investigation into the complaint by Anchorage’s Andree McLeod found the allegations  – quote –  “if true and the evidence reviewed to date do not demonstrate conduct that violate the Ethics Act.”

McAllister says he always looked at his job performance as ethical and within the scope of his job description.

#04mcallister1                   :28           There was no predisposition on my part to look for ways to campaign for the governor.  I was trying to facilitate her job as governor – including setting up interviews for her at the Republican National Convention prior to the time she was picked by Senator McCain when she would have had ample opportunity to the national media about issues such as ANWR. And so I had lined up interviews with Newsweek, USAToday and so on.

During and after the national campaign,  McAllister says he focused on Alaska issues and on speaking for Palin in defense of her job performance.


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