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Making Changes to Oil Taxes

By Dave Donaldson

One of the major goals of the Parnell Administration is to end the year with a plan that will increase oil production on the North Slope.  Continue reading

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2011 Congressional Preview

By Libby Casey

The new Congress will be sworn-in in Washington tomorrow, opening a period of divided government, with Republicans taking control of the House and Democrats retaining a slimmer lead in the Senate.  Continue reading

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Murkowski: Don’t Read Too Much Into It

This excellent assessment of Lisa Murkowski’s future in the U-S Senate was originally broadcast on APRN stations on December 23, 2010.    It is one of the best political pieces written this year on Murkowski,   and we apologize for not printing it sooner.

By Libby Casey

As Congress travels home for the holidays, the pundits in Washington are analyzing the last few weeks of the Lame Duck session.  And the name of one of Alaska’s Republicans is surfacing as a person to watch:  Lisa Murkowski.  Continue reading

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